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friendly suggestion

Look, after reading countless pages of this "debate", I've gotta say neither side is really upholding the reason this forum was created for.

We should accept by now we are NOT going to convince those opposed to our side we're right. Both sides refuse to concede either their faith or scientific theory(and I don't use theory here as "guess", some people can never seem to learn the distinction). This site may attract the most attention from the extreme theists or athiests, but it's really for people who arn't sure. If you're out to save someone, whether from damnation or blind faith, they're the only one probably listening carefully. After accepting that fact, anyone should just ask a question they honestly just want the answer to. That way we can see both ends of the arguement.

And I know I've said this before but it's sort of buried in another thread, so I'm saying it again. PLEASE stop insulting people's spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc., it's getting lame. When dealing with subjects as big as the orgin of the universe and the meaning of life, a few typos really don't amount to much. This is the internet, spelling here shouldn't be used as an I.Q. test, or we've got an alarming number of below average people out there.

If anyone has any problem with anything here, feel free to correct me.

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This is in the wrong forum.

This is in the wrong forum.

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You seem to not get the

You seem to not get the point. There's a corelation between these kind of mistakes (of course, in the situation when they don't happen out of pure mistake) and... oh, but why spoil the fun? I'll let you discover by yourself. Just read the thread about communists...

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Well, I have to agree

Well, I have to agree nitpicking on grammar and spelling is a dumb thing to do. I've never claimed to be a perfect speller, though I think I do a fair job of it. But whenever someone tries to devalue my post just because of a spelling error I feel like ripping their heart out and shoving it down their throat. Laughing out loud

Some people don't carrrre about spelling. Some people don't care grammar about. Some people just ne parlez pas the language and therefore make mistakes that way. I say, as long as you can understand the basic meaning, don't whine and bitch. If the grammar and spelling are making you misread the points then you have the standing to complain about it. Otherwise leave it alone.

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