Why give credit in god, what don't you like about people?

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Why give credit in god, what don't you like about people?

As a skeptic in any sort of creator, (especially one who somehow wasn't in turn created by something else) I'm often listed as the lowest on the scale of decency, as if my disbelief somehow makes me also disbelieve in all morals. Many of the atheist/agnostic/don't give a f*** types who read this probably appreciate how fed up I get of people telling me that a lack of faith also robs me of all the hope and goodness in the world. In the sense of love, kindness, and hope, the bible really isn't such a bad book and it's a shame much of that is overshadowed by the violence, racism, etc. that is taken literally. My point, i guess, is why do most religeons condemn humans as automatically evil, and only god can fix them? I look around and see amazing, beautiful, generous, loving things done by people every day. Why is god responsible? Why arn't the people around you good enough?

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I'll try my best to compile

I'll try my best to compile an answer. But do keep in mind that it comes after an exam at constitutional law, so please don't flame me i I make a boo-boo or two in the text.

This "you are bad, you are nothing but a scum, you deserve to rot in hell" is a well-known psychological control method. Through repetition and through institutionalization, people tend to create this emotional status as a social habit, especially if it is being fed to them generations over generations (starting from the times of the old totemic religions, going through the middle ages and even nowadays, especially in rural areas). Therefore human mind automatically strats from the premise that humanity is nothing else than a parasite to this supposedly perfect existence ("The Earth is badly infested with humans" conception).

Afterwards comes someone (priest, cleric) that states "It's true that you are nothing but scum, but look: there's hope" and that person automatically places that someone on a higher level, to which he/she is obedient, because it offers the only supposed way of salvation. And therefore, a smart initiator of religions suddenly has a large crowd of "sheep" that listen to their word and that are obedient.

Probably, this wasn't the original purpose of religion. It has certainly evolved in such a way. Thinking about the material and social status of priests (in ancient Egypt, for instance, or in Europe in the Middle Ages), I believe this perspective becomes obvious.

That's why religion is aimed at keeping believers at a low level of self-esteem. If they had a great self-esteem, they would also have the inner strength to concentrate on the important problems of humanity and of themselves, and thus wouldn't simply be sheep for others to control as well as they like.

A theist may argue that church has not given direct orders to anybody, which we can accept as true. However, what they must also accept is that religion has given leaders of states the perfect tool for controlling large masses and to keep them silent about horrible historical facts, such as crusades and djihads, etc.

I hope you understand why this negativist position of religions regarding real life and positivism only about "the life to be", which nobody has seen yet.

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