You guys are hypocritical [YOU RESPOND]

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You guys are hypocritical [YOU RESPOND]


 From: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2008 10:08 PM
Subject: [Hate Mail] You guys are hypocritical


Sarah sent a message using the contact form at

I just found out about your challenge. I'm from New Zealand so hadn't heard
about it.

Freakin heck. What a hypocritical thing to endorse. You want religious
liberty. You want kids to stop having religion tyranny on them? Well why
don't you do the same thing yourself? By insulting Christians you're
pretty much doing the same thing. Why don't you practice tolerance if you
want tolerance? I understand not being tolerant of intolerant Christians,
but plenty of us are out there- and you insult us. Whether or not it is
true that we're like people from the Stone Age with our beliefs, that is
obviously said in a demeaning way. That isn't very nice and is hurtful. It
shows that you are not tolerant of our beliefs. Well why aren't you?

Or do you guys not want tolerance? Do you guys just want it your way, with
no one believing in religion?

Why should you wish that, hm? Do you not want free thinking, or do you
wish to force your ideas upon others, and when they don't submit, attack
them with obvious insults? And go and destroy Bibles and other religious

Isn't that doing exactly what you hate?

Haven't we learned that we shouldn't do that, and try our best to just
leave people alone and practice tolerance? Didn't history teach you guys
anything? Apparently not. Go laugh at this letter, or cut it into pieces
with what you'll consider witty retaliation, I just think its sad when the
movement of the future young people is religious intolerance, and it is
considered OK.

I don't hate you guys at all, but 'hate mail" is the closest subject
matter I could pick.

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Here we go again....

Here we go again....

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Hi Windmills,

Hi Windmills,

You understand the position of the RRS on religious tolerance quite well, Yes the RRS does not make any general rule of endorsing nor of displaying religious tolerance. Why, should be no mystery once I tell you.

The most prominent and popular religions of the world endorse:

Prejudice, elitism, oppression, corruption, divisiveness, flagellation and derision of human beings.

Many endorse:

War, nihilism and ignorance.

Some even endorse:

Suicide and civil violence.


Religious tolerance is tolerance of (that list again) prejudice, elitism, oppression, corruption, divisiveness, flagellation and derision of human beings, war, nihilism, ignorance, suicide and civil violence.

Refusal to to tolerate religion is by and large merely a refusal to tolerate these things which religions stand (militantly in some cases) for.

On the other hand, the RRS does endorse and insist upon tolerance and kindness towards individual people regardless of their theistic or otherwise stance (not always easy to achieve but genuine effort is made); in any case the line is clearly drawn here that respecting the person and respecting the religious dogma are not the same thing.

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