Allah and Mohammed

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Allah and Mohammed

As a newbie, I don't know all that has been posted and maybe someone has already suggested this, but why not have a blasphemy challenge for muslims.

According to the Koran, you will burn in hell if you reject allah and/or mohammed. This is even more important for women because if their husbands reject those guys, they will burn in hell no matter what they do or believe.

But remember, islam is a religion of peace and allah is kindness itself.

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Welcome to the forums,

Welcome to the forums, bernarda.

We'd like to get to know you a little better.  When you get a minute, we'd love it if you'd hop over to the General Conversation, Introductions and Humor forum and introduce yourself. 

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Look around for the "Lie

Look around for the "Lie about Allah Challenge." Or search it on YouTube.