Your favorite quotes from our radio show! (and mine)

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Your favorite quotes from our radio show! (and mine)

As I sit here editing show 20, listening to Savage talk about his deconversion from Catholicism to atheism, I hear him say something very profound... in his own recently deconverted way....

"I searched so much because, quite honestly, he's not there. You're looking for something that doesn't exist, that you try to find as many roads as you can that lead you to nowhere." - Savage (formerly Jesus Walks) show 20

I have a feeling that wont be the last quote I pull from that show, that quote was his opening statement. Anyway, it was that quote that made me realize that some very good quotes have been coming out of our show, I have one in my sig and another committed to memory. So I thought I would post them as well, and offer this thread as a thread for you to post any particular quotes that you liked in the show. If possible please try to note the show it came from.

"Faith is the truth of imbeciles" - Luigi Cascioli show 6

"We are but a finger in the dike of unreason and irrationality" - Yellow#5 in a mailbag response

Do you have any favorite quotes from the show?

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Your favorite quotes from our radio show! (and mine)

Don't remember who said it or which show, but it was while discussing errors in the Bible, and where it says insects have 4 legs "Couldn't they have looked? Were they drunk when they wrote the Bible?" Laughing out loud

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Your favorite quotes from our radio show! (and mine)

"No fish were harmed, however all known Gods were harmed and proven to not exist." -Disclaimer.

"Character is higher than intellect... A great soul will be strong to live, as well as to think."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson