Help Make Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" #1 on 3 Amazons at the same time!

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Help Make Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" #1 on 3 Amazons at the same time!

As of 11pm est Sunday October 22nd, the best the Richard Dawkins team can say "The God Delusion" has done is attain the following status:

#1 on
#1 on
#2 on

One of these things does not belong here. Eye-wink

We want to see The God Delusion at number 1 on You can help make it happen sometime this week! If this happens, "The publishers could run an ad about 'The Hat Trick', Number 1 on all 3 amazons, or something like that, which could help to boost awareness and sales of the book even higher!"

Here is how you can help:
1. Change your myspace profile picture to this, until at least Nov 3rd (the day after Richard records a show in studio with the RRS)


2. Hand out flyers promoting the book! Here they are.

3. Buy a copy of the book. If you have one already buy another one to give to someone as a gift. ]Here's the link for the book on


As a side project, we are also trying to raise money for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Reason. Please visit this thread, and we'll match your donations. As of the creation of this post we're around $1,000 including matching! The money will be given to Richard by RRS members in a ceremony on Nov. 2 when he visits our studio.
Text link for donations.

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I reviewed it 10/10 on

I reviewed it 10/10 on Amazon.

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The profile has been removed. Sad

*Update 10 seconds later:

The profile has been took by a 14 year old female in Australia - no music.

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Consarnit! I did buy the

Consarnit! Sad

I did buy the book, though. About halfway done. I really hope some of the believing public will also give it a shot. They could stand to see the other side of the story.