Any good?

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Any good?

I would like to know if anyone could show some good that has come out of this site and or the blogs/forums/chats. I would appreciate any input, for, I joined the site hoping to maybe get some people out of the shadow like world of Plato's cave. So let me know if you have gained any truth from rational responder or perhaps you have been able to get some wisdom out to someone...

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I have learned some stuff

I have learned some stuff here and I would say they have done some good. If nothing else there is that community aspect and all the arguments you can look over on the forums.

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I have learned things and

I have learned things and met tons of new great people.

Here is a thread of comments that aren't on our myspace profile, that illustrates some good that has come out of our site.

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Personally I've gotten tons

Personally I've gotten tons out of this experience. I've gotten to meet some really wonderful and intelligent people, made quite a few friends, had brilliant and conversation and the feeling that I was making a difference.

The RRS squad in general has had at least a few people come to us so far thanking us for showing them how to reason. We've networked and gotten other activists together to work together on awareness projects and other endeavors. Ithink we've already done a lot of good, and we're less than a year old still. Look at what we've done in just a few months, and that's just the start.

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