This is for Samzzz a Christian student who interviewed us.

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This is for Samzzz a Christian student who interviewed us.

A Christian high school student came in our chatroom tonight to interview Kelly and I. He had no tape recorder, so we recorded it for him so as to reduce the risk of misquotes. It's available for everyone.

Download it here.

If you have been here for a while, this file will likely cover everything you already know about us, but in a slower format, with lapses of time in between comments. (no edits on this file) Most of the file covers our upbringing and some basic arguments for and against god.

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Is he going to post his article in his school newspaper? Or does he have a website, It would be interesting to see what he says and how he presents the interview.

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Check it out

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just to echo path of

just to echo path of reason...

i would like to see a link to the article if possible.  I listened to the audio stream - I was very touched by the pregnancy story and the cooresponding lesson there.  Thanks for sharing it, Sapient.