How can I be sure I am donating to "the cause."

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How can I be sure I am donating to "the cause."


> I would just like to ask that if I were to donate to this cause, how do I
> know how the money is used? I'm a devout Atheist and feel the world needs
> to hear this message. I'm always struck that while if I plug in the word
> God in my Tivo, I can find tons of programs, but if i plug in
> Atheist...nothing.
> Thanks

I guess it depends what you consider "the cause." We have 3 people who live in a home together (unlike any other activist group I know) and pool our resources so that we may do this as many hours as we can. Ask anyone who knows us, we generally work over 100 hours per week from home. This house was purchased with the help of an atheist investor who believed in us. However our portion of the mortgage is $1,000 and food/expenses/utilities above that are about another $1,200 a month. Kelly works an outside job to help make ends meet, but other than that, we are entirely listener supported. So we need $2,200 in cash per month just to break even. I don't remember a month that I haven't had to dip into my preexisting retirement money in order to make ends meet. It is entirely possible that a cash donation of $100 would go to groceries. Should you not feel that this is part of "the cause" and I assure you, nourishment for our brains is part of the cause, you may want to purchase learning material for us....

Here is an wishlist of materials we would like to have for research purposes, we will also share this material with our friends and community as much as we can: You may purchase any of those items and know exactly where your money is going and amazon sends the materials directly to us.

Here is a page that outlines expenses from our first few months: Due to time constraints and the immense amount of receipts we'd have to post we have stoppped updating that page as it took too much time. Since then expenses have grown.

Here is how you can donate any amount through paypal:

Please consider helping, we really need it. If I wasn't as transparent as necessary to satisfy your needs, please ask me anything.

- Sapient