Arguments from someone who is projecting.

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Arguments from someone who is projecting.

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From: Josh
Date: Dec 6 2006 9:39 PM

i find your stance to be uneducated ebcause saying that there is no God is baseless and unprovable.

Interesting that you would assert an uneducated position while preaching against uneducated positions. We don't claim to be certain there is no god. And I already know that you wont be able to find those words anywhere. Toodles to you for the poor logic to start.

You have pictures with a slash through the word God, and blogs like " stop the deliusion of God".... to say or imply that non-atheists are brainwashed or ignorant is a matter of opinion entirely, and when ideologies are based on opinion alone they are doomed to be nothing more than attention-hogs for the over zealous emotional masses.

It's not opinion that people who believe in god are believing in something without proof. Ironically your statement is essentially an attack on theism as it's their "opinion" that a god exists. So was theism doomed? It appears not, considering it's a position held by the majority. Man, step up your game, this stuff is just weak.