Believe what I believe!! Which is that you can't change peoples beliefs!!

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Believe what I believe!! Which is that you can't change peoples beliefs!!

I'm really so fucking tired of the same lame ass hypocritical argument. I hope I wasn't overly rude here, I remained honest and blunt. How people who try to convince others to "live and let live" can't see that they aren't letting people live their beliefs is beyond me. This is the epitome of underlying hypocrisy, and it's so blatantly obvious. Here's the deal people: If it's your belief that we should speak up against religion, and someone tries to convince you that you should let others believe what they want, this person has just violated their own rule. They are a hypocrite. Notice all the exclamation points.

Here's the email.....


----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Oct 23, 2006 1:33 PM

ommmm...ok im not trying 2 b rude or n e thing but u cant make ppl believe wut u believe!

If that's true (and it's not), then why are you trying to get us to believe how you believe?

u cant force ur beliefs down some 1 elses throat! this country is supposed 2 b free and ppl can believe wut they want!

Agreed. Including the RRS which has the right to believe that we should speak up about the irrationality of god belief. Why are you a hypocrite on this point?

wut if every 1 did believe exactly wut u believe!? every 1 was atheist!? do u really wanna live in a world like that...

That would be awesome!

where every 1 thinks the rather be original!

Atheists don't all think the same. They'd have ONE thing in common for sure, and that's it. They'd all lack belief in a god. Everyone on Earth lacks belief in flying unicorns, OMG that's such a bad thing!! WE ALL THINK THE SAME ABOUT FLYING UNICORNS!! You see how bad your logic is here? It's not entirelly y0our fault, your just repeating stuff that religious people say.

ok i pretty much agree wit u...i dont believe in god but im not trying 2 force my beliefs on n e 1 else!!!

You're doing it in this email. Don't try to deny it. PWNED.

im all 4 every 1 having different beliefs cuz...well...that makes this world a hell of alot more interesting!! dont ya think so???

No not really, but nevertheless atheists have tons of different beliefs.

but i dont agree on making the world like anti-religion or wutever ur tryin 2 do!!

We just want people to use their head and think logically, do you have a problem with that? This is our beliefs, don't we have a right to believe that people should use good logic? Or are you just full of it?

u cant make ppl follow in every word u say! wut r u like trying 2 be the or some 1...!

No apparently we're just like you. Are you the next Hitler for trying to get us to adopt your style of beliefs?

tryin 2 make the world perfect 4 u so every 1 is behind u on the subject!! im sorry but i have 2 state my opinion...if ya dont like it delete me...i really dont care but u cant go and just shove ur beliefs down someones throat!!!

Then stop being such a flaming hypocrite, and stop doing it to us.

it doesnt work that way!!! i mean hey im not against atheism i am atheist.....but not everyone is and u cant force them 2 be cuz theyre not! they believethere is a god and theres nothing wrong withat!!! peace...!

Well if you don't see anything wrong with believing in things that aren't provable then I can see how it isn't a stretch for you to wreak of hypocrisy as well.

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You might have to get your

You might have to get your reply translated, Sapient.

Or was the original message from them in some code.

That's not even 'l33t 5p34k' (hope I got that right.)

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I don't know if I just have

I don't know if I just have a skewed memory or what, but it seems like the dumber the message the more spelling a grammer errors there are...

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Definitely good observation!

Definitely good observation! :ROTF:

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She won't remain an atheist

She won't remain an atheist for long.

where every 1 thinks the rather be original!

If atheists were the majority she would probably be a theist. I'm against these types of atheists. It's better than being a theist, but they are almost just as bad. It's a form of rebelling and it never lasts because they don't have a single rational reason to not believe in God. As soon as they grow out of the childish desire to be different only because it makes you cool they usually head right back to the church.

We should focus on people like them just as much as we do theists. We need to arm them with rational reasons to lack belief in a God or gods, so that when they finally grow up...their atheism won't be discarded along with their childish behavior.

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darth_josh wrote:You might

darth_josh wrote:
You might have to get your reply translated, Sapient.

Or was the original message from them in some code.

That's not even 'l33t 5p34k' (hope I got that right.)

still trying to figure out what he said.....

And Jesus said to the sheep " I shall make you blind and lame, so you may never know the truth"