You better reckognize!

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You better reckognize!

Do you think you people are better than everyone else?!

No, not everyone else. There are some people however that have been conditioned to believe in ludicrous things, that I have outgrown. This doesn't make me better, but it certainly gives me a leg up in the "being right" department.

This whole website is just about putting other religons down.

That about sums it up. Not just religions though, other irrational thoughts as well. See the list here.

Who are you to say what is right to believe and what is wrong.

I am someone who researches claims to determine if they are true before I believe in them. Is the idea of God provable? No. Therefore I am willing to posit that a God is not worth believing in until that time comes.

People are going to believe what they want and you have no right to say what they believe is wrong.

Actually I do have a right to say what they believe is wrong, just as they have the right to say what I believe is wrong (which by the way is what you're doing right now, hypocrite). I recognize that people are going to believe what they want, that is obvious. What isn't obvious to the theist is that there is reason to question what they believe. There is reason to question what they've been taught, and we are here to either show them the flaws in religion (should they choose to learn) or at least give them reason to research their beliefs more. People have told us that we've made them consider their beliefs, that we've challenged them, we've even had theists thank us for doing this.

Have any of you died and either sat six feet under and rotted, or went to heaven or hell, or what?

No. Have you ever seen anyone adequately prove that any of those insanely random guesses as to what happens when we die are actually true?

I am a Satanist and absolutely despise the Christian faith and many others, but I still respect those beliefs

You respect something you despise? Do you realize that they're antonyms? (see third reference)

because I cannot say I truly know No human can!

Yes, there are certain things we can know as much as one can know something. When a god is defined for us, and a story is affixed to it, we can find contradictions that so easily point out that the particular god in question is a logical impossibility. We can know that many different gods simply don't exist.

Do not disrespect others faith when they have not insulted you in any way and dont agree with you.

Simply having the type of faith one must have to believe in God is disrespectful. Never mind that though, religion has seeped it's way into my daily life. My government (America) violated it's own Constitution 50 years ago to disrespect me and millions of other Americans by inserting God onto our pledge and our money. My government is restricting the ability for scientists to do stem cell research because of irrational religious beliefs. Local school districts are systemically disrespecting children across the nation as they insert unprovable irrational claims into schools to replace valid scientific thought. Wake up, people of faith are disrespecting everyone, including other people of faith.

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." - Nobel Prize winning Physicist Steven Weinberg

If you wish to reply to this you can, but you need to rethink who you are criticizing and for what reasons.

Trust me, our positions didn't come about overnight. We have been researching and studying religion as a team for many years. I took the liberty of looking you up on myspace, and if your 15 year old age is correct, my team has been researching religion for over 5 times longer than you've been alive. I hope you think to yourself who you are criticizing and for what reasons. Think to yourself, is it possible that I'm criticizing them because I have been taught by religious people that we should respect the beliefs of others? If so, ask yourself why religious people would say that. Then ask yourself if you can truly state that religious people respect the beliefs of others.

Thanks for writing, I've posted this publicly because other people have similar questions and it's tough for us to answer the same thing over and over again in private. Feel free to peruse our message board in search of more answers. You could also contact our Rationally Responding Satanist Guenther Bacon with questions. Maybe he'll be more palatable.

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