A letter representative of objections to the War on Easter

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A letter representative of objections to the War on Easter

We've got tons of love mail, some hate mail, and some "do it an different way" mail this week. I thought this letter was a good representative of the common objections to the War on Easter, and my response would shed a little more light on our position, especially for the Christians who may peer in. (Site traffic at a record high today)

Here is the letter, along with my responses in bold, and his words in quote boxes. I'll leave the sender anonymous unless he chooses to speak up.

I am struck by this campaign as being rather intrusive.

That's exactly what it is, I can't argue with that.

I am not attempting to be confrontational, only observant. I can never recall a church group coming into my holy-of holies with their propaganda on the anniversary of the death of a loved one of mine.

You mean, someone that actually existed? Eye-wink

It seems that there could be a more noble and respectful way of "waging war".
Oh sure I agree there are others, unfortunatly they don't work. For if they did, the obviousness of the absence of evidence for Yahweh coupled with noble respect would have eliminated Christianity, years ago.

Then again...perhaps you have no interest in peacable dialogue and compassionate exchange.

You're assuming incorrectly. I suggest listening in to our show sometime. In fact, listen to the end of show 5, here is a free copy. While the audio on "JJ" the Christian isn't that good, I think you'll find we we're polite, civil, and kind while debating him.

There are many ways to help end Christianity, sometimes something that is jawdropping yet legal is the best way to help. I posit that it's much more compassionate and respectful to do whatever it takes short of violence and breaking the law to help Christians and other theists out of their mindfuck.

Happy hoilday to you,

LOL, same to you man. Eat any chocolate?

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A letter representative of objections to the War on Easter

Oh, boo hoo hoo! :roll: Laughing out loud