Don't assume, because I make assumptions. :P

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Don't assume, because I make assumptions. :P

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From: TheAlien
Date: Sep 27, 2006 9:16 AM

just wanted to ask if you are really going to suggest to me that belief in God and capacity for rational thought are mutually exclusive?

Nope. However theism is always irrational. This isn't to say that there are some theists that are capable of rational thought, however none are rational when referring to god belief.


I am an intelligent and rational person (you can disagree if you like) and I absolutely believe in God. i understand that you are using this whole thing as a bit of a joke, but it is a little insulting to suggest that I can't be intelligent because I know God.

Right, I never said that and in fact I believe just the opposite. However your assumptions to the contrary don't put you on a very high intellectual ground to start from. I'll let that slide though. Eye-wink


Personally I think it is a little arrogant to assume that only what you can fully comprehend can possibly exist.

Look who's talking about assumptions!


of course I don't expect that you are going to actually bother to take any notice of me, since I clearly don't have a brain of my own, and my opinion doesn't count because I must be just like all the rest of the unthinkingly stereotyped religious folks.

Yet another shitty assumption. Look who's now 0 for 4. Ack!


I just thought I should say something.

Thanks, at least it was entertaining.

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And you know what happens

And you know what happens when you ASSume!

When you make assumptions, you look like an ass, and the ump will shun you! :ROTF:

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