My parents think we're just as bad as Christians

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My parents think we're just as bad as Christians

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From: John©
Date: Sep 26, 2006 5:18 PM

I just had a rather long conversation with my parents about religion. They believe that one shouldn't FORCE their beliefs on others...even if it is athiest.

How do you FORCE your beliefs onto someone? Hold them down and require them to believe it or you'll kill them? Tell them they don't get dinner if they don't say they love Jesus? How do you FORCE beliefs onto people?


Because "some people" can't live without religion. A lot of kids are being born without any upbringing and religion helps give them good morals, and a lot of people need religion.

Everyone can live without religion. People claim they can't live without religion, likely because they've been brainwashed to equate their morality to their religion. Had they been taught morals elsewhere, they'd have learned to be good outside of god.


theres a lot of people that won't be able to live without god....(is what they say).

Exactly. That's just what they say. That's a defense mechanism. Essentially what they're saying is... "Look man, I am seriously fucking brainwashed, I should be in a mental institution, please stop showing me reality because if you show me more and I believe you, I will kill myself. I am literally that fucked in the head... that irrational."

Ask yourself, is there a single belief you hold that if you found to be untrue, you would kill yourself? If you are a rational human, the answer is no.


they say that i'm just as bad as a fundamentalist christian by trying to spread my athiest ideas.

Bullshit. Christians can't defend what they say with logic and reason, I implore you never to make that mistake. Only assert what you can defend logically, if you do so, you are never just as bad as the fundamentalist Christians, you are in fact the exact opposite.

I see what you guys do is attack fundamenalism a lot. people who have their own ideas of god....and pick and choose from the bible what they want, are just as bad (or good) as the athiests, correct?

I'm not following this question. Wanna restate it?


so why attack them.....?

I'd never "attack" anyone. I would however beg of people to act logical and rational. I would talk to them about life, beliefs, anything... in order to help them see what they hold to be true as lunacy.

the FREE thinking religious people...who believe in god.....and pick and choose what they want from the bible. should they be attacked to?..

They are enablers. They lend credibility to fundamentalists. Not only are they obviously not following the literal word of god, but they are lending credibility to those that do. The Christians who "pick and choose" are enabling those who would commit unspeakable horrors in the name of religion. Yes, they should be "attacked" in the sense that you use the word attack.

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The ones who pick and choose

The ones who pick and choose are also being dishonest about Christianity. And if they really believe it, how exactly do they know which part of the Bible is "true?" Maybe the parts about kindness are wrong, and the cruel/intolerant parts are what God really meant.

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