A Bill O'Reilly fan writes me, and man was this fun!!!

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A Bill O'Reilly fan writes me, and man was this fun!!!

Check it out, this is his avatar:

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From: Sid
Date: Aug 17, 2006 4:38 PM

do yall not have a life?

Yup we have one. Part of that life consists of helping dickheads like you realize that they have no evidence to support what they believe. Somewhat decent of us considering how some of you treat us, eh?

i mean seriously get out of the house sometime and do something worth while.

I taught golf to a bunch of poor inner city 7-13 year olds for free this morning. How's that for out of the house and worth while all at the same time. I've been doing it all summer.

cause ur never going to prove that God doesnt exist so why r yall wasting yalls time for?

Which God? I can prove the Christian God doesn't exist. You are probably too close minded to accept any of the proofs, so it's somewhat pointless. But you're right I can't prove that no god exists, I can show how believing in something without proper proof is not rational, and therefore can ask people to abandon theism until such time as it becomes rational.

go get a life.

No, you first.

By the way, thanks for the email. I couldn't help but think that you sounded exactly, I mean EXACTLY how stupid Bill O'Reilly would sound if I had the chance to talk to him, and seeing you use a Bill O'Reilly avatar made the experience that much more fun. I've always wanted to talk to him, and this made me feel like I just got the experience. You don't charge for this do you? You could call it the "Bill O'Reilly interactive experience!"

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I'm sure his response will

I'm sure his response will consist of "Shut up! No...SHUT UP!"

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"Cut his mike! Cut it!"

"Cut his mike! Cut it!"

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You should send him that

You should send him that audio clip of Bill O'Reilly! Laughing out loud