Your Squad sounds interesting, tell me more...

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Your Squad sounds interesting, tell me more...


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From: Jeff
Date: Aug 18, 2006 3:32 PM

Hey. Your squad sounds interesting. What irrational topics do you tackle? Do you address issues besides god? Elements in politics, science, economics, etc?

We try to address those issues, however we have a rule amongst the team that sometimes limits our position. We work together as a team and deem that any postions that we can't all agree on, aren't worth making positive assertions on. We keep each other in check. As we say around here, "If we don't all agree on it, it might not be the rational position." Science however is dealt with often. And we do speak some politics, we just don't make it our mission.


It's not a hate group, right? Just philosophical?

Exactly, although some people often make poor assumptions in this area.


Are all "supernatural" phenomena considered irrational by the Squad, or just a "god" concept?

Belief in things without proper evidence is considered irrational. We consider supernatural claims in that category. Furthermore I find it ironic that the "super" natural can't exist. If it exists... it's not "super" natural... it's NATURAL. Sticking out tongue

Like I lived in Korea for three years and learned a lot about Buddhism. Are their demons also considered irrational? I presume you address issues of gods/supernatural in Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and the uncountable other cults and organizations.

We like buddhism, however it's not for any of us, it's got some fundamental flaws, but not nearly as important as the flaws in theistic religions. We consider buddhism an atheistic religion. Yes we address all sects of theism, although Christianity gets the brunt of our debunkings.

Is it rational to call the Buddhist demons irrational, but to call the people's "experience" of them rational? I think so. I think we can make a distinction between reality and one's experience of reality.

Is it rational to say someone experienced demons? Maybe, but then we'd have to say that dishonesty is rational. Eye-wink


And I guess I presume the squad believes in a true "reality." Otherwise god could be true for one and not true for another.

Yup. See last thought.


If god does not exist in true reality (is there any other real kind of reality? j/k), and we can assert "god truly does not exist," then there must be one reality against which we are comparing statements to determine truth or untruth. It seems. I studied psych not philisophy, so maybe I'm not using logic in the best way. I'm trying. I mean, it's just my lunch break.

Sounds like fairly sound logic.


I can make no claim to always being rational (if I did my wife would intervene), but your group interests me.

Listen to our myspace show. I think we clarify that we aren't always rational. We're simply capable of rational responses, specifically to religion.


I may make different conclusions, but the goal, methods, and sociology of the Squad are interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for writing. I'm posting your message and my reply in our mailbag on our website Feel free to join us there.


p.s. Would you be bothered if the god concept was correct?

No. I'd just want to know the truth about it.

Like what if somewhere in the reincarnation cycle you found out that there are untold numbers of gods like the Hindus teach. Would it be cool?

Of course.

Or like if you died and woke up in a Muslim or Christian heaven and god said to you, "Hey, I really liked how you lived down there. You used your head, didn't fall for any wacky lies, and loved more than my 'followers' did. Do you want to go for a walk?" would that be cool? It sounds cool. But it almost sounds irrational. Almost.

No it sounds very cool. However if there is a god, one must hope it's not powerful enough to intervene on Earth, otherwise it's really done some shitty work.

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Quote:Do you address issues

Do you address issues besides god? Elements in politics, science, economics, etc?

We do!
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