Why Sam Smith on the show and not someone else?

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Why Sam Smith on the show and not someone else?

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From: I must be bored out of your mind
Date: Mar 30, 2006 9:03 PM

ok, i love ya, dude's, but why you singeling out one kid? I dont know why, but most of my friends dont say the pledge. I dont cause i wont pledge my loyalty to a corrupt system, but i think some of them its from laziness or apathy. But why does a 14 year old boy from the middle of Penns. get so much attention when there are so many other people like him around? just wondering...

To be honest I didn't realize so many kids we're abstaining until we heard about it today. I knew kids we're abstaining, but I must've had 100 kids say something today about how they abstain as well. That's great news!!! We might address this issue again in the future and have some of those kids in. The reason Sam was asked to appear was because we read his story in the paper, and you could just tell they were unfair to him. He also had to get the ACLU involved because his school caused a ruckus.

If you have friends or know of anyone else that had to get a lawyer involved or had an unfair story written about him, we'd be glad to have them on. I tried to get a few other kids that made it into the papers on the show, but I couldn't get them on in time.

Sorry if you're offended that we singled out one kid, the idea was to help other kids see that they could be doing this too, and that they have rights. That's our main agenda here, and Sam was a great candidate to help us.

In Reason,

Brian Sapient