God Lover from Wilma

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God Lover from Wilma

From: wilma thomson
To: Sapient
Subject: god lover
Date: Sun, 2007-11-04 16:08

you are a freak of nature and are looking for attention, i find your shit sickening and hell mend you you saddo, you will stand before god one day and you will feel very siilly. it is very clear you know nothing about jesus or about the way he can change people because i was a drunk and god healed me and changed me and showed me that there are a lot of freaks around and you are one of them

You are a conformist. You are the norm. You accept ridiculously retarded and insane concepts like the bible because other people have as well. You are without sound ability to interpret reality, and you will waste the only life you do get on bullshit. You overcame your drinking habit by being lied to and in reality over came your problem all by yourself. You were taught by other people not to take responsibility for this noble action and instead attribute your ability to stop drinking to an invisible man that merely deluded your view of the world, and led to your further ignorance.

You will never stand before God, and you will never have the chance to realize what an idiot you were after you die, because you will be dead. You will have wasted countless hours on myth, and wont have the chance to return to your Church for a refund.

Have fun completely wasting and trashing the only life you get on stupidity!

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I got a message too   My

I got a message too


My first hate message!



I  didn't include the name in the OP, but it was the same as the one that sent yours.



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Come on now Sapient, both

Come on now Sapient, both you and she are wrong.

Both of you will face Thor after your deaths and you will have to submit to his thunder or sumit to being electricuted by his lightening.

Just because she is wasting her life on ghosts knocking up girls and zombie flesh surviving rigor mortis after three days, doesnt mean you have to ignore the reality of Thor. I guess there is no hope for you either.

Tisk tisk............ 

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Or maybe she is still drunk.

Or maybe she is still drunk.

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Its really sad when you hope

Its really sad when you hope people who write emails like this are either drunk or stoned. The reality is they are probally just stupid. /me sighs

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Dear Wilma: Please let me

Dear Wilma:

Please let me pour you a beer, and we can discuss this.  I am pretty sure after a six pack, you'll be a lot less bitchy. 

Hugs and Kisses,


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