Kindness and intellect with a passive atheist...

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Kindness and intellect with a passive atheist...

The below email refers to this video....

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From: Samael ME!
Date: Sep 25, 2007 11:47 PM

I would like to know, before I take offense to your longer video, if I understood you correctly. I think of myself as being a very rational person, and a "free thinker" however I don't find myself driven, or able to be an aggressive person when it comes to challenging thesim in the way that you have. When you say that you are better than people who don't do what you do, are you referring to someone such as myself? I am asking for clarification because I have a different view if that is true. I feel that people such as myself as necessary to the spread of atheism, because when there are people like yourselves taking the "in your face" approach there needs to be those who stand on the sideline to support you for doing what we can not. I could never go on national television to debate with well learned scholars, as you have, and hold my own in a debate. I support you in what you do because I know that you are right in what you do, and that's all I can do. I just want to know if you really feel above those who support you above all the rest, if that makes any sense.


No, we support you in your passive approach.

We're referring to people who employ poor logic or dishonesty in an attempt to attack our position. You illustrated the opposite of that here by asking questions first to clarify before you attacked. In my book, that puts you in my "we're better than you league" (for now). Eye-wink

- Sapient

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