Guest suggestion: Tom Leykis

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Guest suggestion: Tom Leykis

The RRS has accomplished getting Richard Dawkins on the show. Why not try for atheist talk show host Tom Leykis?


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politicalhumanist wrote:

The RRS has accomplished getting Richard Dawkins on the show. Why not try for atheist talk show host Tom Leykis?


I guess that depends on what kind of image you'd like to promote for the RRS. I listened to Leykis years ago when he was on KFI in Los Angeles. Just about the time that station adopted the slogan "more stimulating talk radio" Leykis went from being actually stimulating in an intellectual sense to being downright shrill. From that it was a regular descent into shock-jockery. I quit listening to him. Apparently a lot of others did, too because he disappeared from KFI. 
I used your link and listened to a little of the drek that he's putting down now on whatever station I won't be listening to again. I always thought Leykis was intelligent. He used to be stimulating on the radio without being a jerk. But I honestly believe that the deliberately shocking character he's devolved into won't add anything to the RRS message, except to convince anybody on the fence that atheists really are immoral people.

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Good idea!!

I think Tom Leykis would be really interesting. I used to listen to him alot when he was on the air here in Arizona. About once a month he has an "Ask The Atheist" segment on his show and it reminds me of what goes on the air here. He would take religious callers on the show and just debate them about religion and about him being atheist,very entertaining,wish he was still on the air here but I still listen online when I have a chance.-Good Idea politicalhumanist!!

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Great idea

This is a great idea. Tom Leykis has many listeners all across the US and internationally as well. It would certainly provide more attention for RSS (whether that attention would be good or bad is another matter.)


Also, Tom is likely very busy (he rarely takes a vacation). He has to do a show almost every night. The only time he might be free is on the weekend. But, he would likely have other plans. To get Leykis on RSS would likely require scheduling well in advance, but is probably do-able. 

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I never really liked Leykis,

I never really liked Leykis, from what I've heard of him, but I only caught him in his shock-jock stage. If the RRS can get him on, and he is as engaging as people say he used to be, then I would be interested in the show.

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I think Tom would be a great guest

I have been listening to his podcasts more and more and I think that he would make a great guest! Or vice versa. Very funny and he is a great at shutting down theist arguments.

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