another guest idea

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another guest idea

Guest Idea: Michael Newdow, the guy who sued, for his 9 year old daughter and having to recite the pledge in school, for the constitutionality of the pledge because of "under god". It was voted in favor for him in the appeals court, however, the supreme court shot it down due to the fact that he couldn't sue in favor of his 9 year old daughter because he didn't have custody; his mother did. So now, he's bringin the case back up..and a lower court voted in his favor. However, the house just passed a bill which would bar judges from voting on the constitutionality of the pledge. Hopefully it will be shot down in the senate.

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another guest idea

I've been meaning to get him on. It'll happen.

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another guest idea

Great idea! He was on the ffrf radio show already. He is, like me, a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

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