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Can I just be honest with you guys? There have been two big issues with the talk that hav been driving me crazy. I feel the need to vindicate myself.

 1) We got into a huge debate about the meaning of the word Theodicy. The manner in which I was attempting to use the using the word was not normal usage but was correct. The word Theodicy literally means the Justification of God. I'll admit that the usage of the word was probably uncalled for, but honestly I really don't feel that I was wrong in using the word. 

2) The theory I wanted to talk about with at the end was not Presuppositionalism. I had wanted to talk about Reformed Epistemology (which deals with justification for belief hence the use of Theodicy). There is a huge difference between the two and I wish you guys had listened to me. 


That is all, I enjoyed the rest of the show and I'd like to be on again if you would have me.