Artist Spotlight: Uncle Scams Jesus Never Existed

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Artist Spotlight: Uncle Scams Jesus Never Existed

In show 19 you'll hear a song from Uncle Scams, "Jesus Never Existed" here are the lyrics:

When Jesus suposedly rose well so did a few more bodies
but no ther historical report recorded this mythological contorted story, oh glory!
surely someone should have noticed during the resurrection that the earth shook with black skies and asked some questions like why did this event slip everyone's minds and only reach a few people, when he healed the blind
and why didn't they learn to write it all down? and everyone else who saw him walk through their towns remained silent, and he single handedly fed thousands of people with a few loaves of bread, but none of them wrote about it they ignored it instead, if jesus rose from the dead and did all the shit that the bible had said, someone should have noticed and let more than one book spread

Chorus: Jesus never existed, the evidence is missin, so listen up all you motherfuckin christians, and if i'm wrong i'll take it back, i'm just askin the questions nobody likes to ask

the archiological evidence presented for Jesus is illogical to believe in, cus jesus and james as household names were more than common, and the tablet they found would have commented on him as at least a proffit, so get off it, it's ot substantial to claim he was a real man, especially more than a man, you just can't deny if this were a trial the evidence wouldn't stand, and as for the bible as a source it's not reliable cus matthew mark luke and john were not authors but titles given to the gospels way after they were written and so the actual authors remain unknown, but who bothers to show that this would amount to that the gospels are unreliable eyewittness accounts


Could there be forgery committed in early Christian history? let's see! eusebius openly confessed to excluding things that might bring christianity negativity and he was a main piece of this religion developing, untrustworthy, i must confess that he most likely forged writings in to Josephus' articles and he was a pharisee would would never believe in jesus' divinity, but remarkably and suspiciously josephus' writings contained things about jesus that he never would have said, jesus isn't just dead, he never existed.


Saying Jesus was a myth might be jumpin to conclusions, but if he was the son of god why is there any confusion? i find it odd that your god did such a bad job that historical proof is lost and cannot explain away why so many faiths survive today, and there's so much discrepancy between doctrines of christianity, they can't possibly be all interpreting correctly so which is to believe? are you sure while you're down on your knees that your translation is pure? and don't many passages seem unneeded and obscure? was it intentional to make instinct unconventional? which texts are sacred, which are dispensible? is it more sensible that one religion out of millions all sustained and maintained by civilians is correct and the rest are insane? or is it more easily explained that all gods are products of human brains and claims of the supernatural are slightly insane given the actual facts, and lack of god's actions over the course of two thousand years or more? so here's to waiting for god to quit taking his time, it's a legend in the making in everybody's mind.

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Artist Spotlight: Uncle Scams Jesus Never Existed

Sounds cool! Cool

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This is definently my

This is definently my favorite atheist song out there.. I've had the guy on my myspace, but didn't realise he was the guy who did this. Laughing out loud

"To shun ignorance and superstition, to embrace knowledge and reason, to become the sum of all the wisdom that one can absorb in a very limited lifetime-that is the purpose of humankind."

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I like this one, and I hate

I like this one, and I hate music...not sure if that means anything Smiling

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Where can you find his CD

Where can you find his CD with this song or a place to download the mp3, I have never had so many problems finding music as I have trying to find this one. Please HELP!