Meme sings "Original Sin"

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Meme sings "Original Sin"

Meme, from joins us at the end of show 17 for a few minutes to discuss and introduce his song Original Sin, downloadable right now from our homepage. Meme is a member of our forum and uses the name Shinsyotta.

Here are the lyrics:


Original sin is the topic for those who tuned in
By this point in the debate I'm already tuned out
First, lets' define what the topic's about
Basically, God's wants us to follow his route
He gives us free will and wants us to use it
Then loses it when we do, so it's useless
The only way to redeem ourselves is through blood
But what's good is Jesus already spilled it for us
So in the Garden of Eden, God made Adam and his leaf
And made him a madam called Eve so he could use what's underneath
He created ultra-sophisticated machinery called people
And fucked it all up when he created evil
The tree of knowledge bore forbidden fruit
And Eve was seduced by its tasty juice
The talking snake betrayed God's secrets
And was forever made to slither on it's belly beneath us
As opposed to flying, to which it was accustomed
He was pissed, but it seems he had free will, not just us
Anyway, God knows all. No dice involved.
So he made us this way and we didn't evolve.
As anyone will tell you, we react to stimuli
And God knows how we will react and why
Since the Garden of Eden was made entirely by God
Surely the way we reacted was entirely his fault?
Well, if you believe that we behave as we do because of our brains
Then you must believe this argument the way I just said
But if you believe in dualism and souls, I suppose
That the argument doesn't so naturally flow
If we really are completely free to make choices
Then our actions are guided by our own voices
But who made those voices? Was it God or man
Please decide now and try to be consistent
Because if you say God, then you can see my point earlier
But if you say man then I'm about to take some rights from ya
Next time you or another do a good deed, reflect
On the two options I gave you in this argument
If you credit God for only the good and never the bad or vice versa
You are making a very severe observational error
Now I know some of you will not care whether I'm right
In the end, you say, you feel in your heart there's a light
And it's God and you know it from your core and that's what matters
But I'm afraid this must be where our discourse shatters like a stone tablet
Because your faith precludes rational examination
And you keep yourself cocooned because it makes you feel safer
If I may, though, it seems to me to be selfish
To believe something just because it improves your subjective
Experience. When it doesn't help technology, society or medicine
So to me, you could say faith is the original sin.