Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong has been quoted as saying "If there was a god, I'd still have both nuts."

His perspective as a cancer survivor and a religious skeptic (it's unclear whether he's an outright atheist or not) would add interesting perspective in contrast to the many in the theist community who exploit people with disease or the many who claim to have been cured by miraculous divine intervention. 

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Oh, I think Lance Armstrong

Oh, I think Lance Armstrong is an out-and-out Atheist.

From on Lance Armstrong:

In his book It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life, Armstrong wrote about the night before undergoing brain surgery: “I asked myself what I believed. I had never prayed a lot. I hoped hard, I wished hard, but I didn’t pray. I had developed a certain distrust of organized religion growing up, but I felt I had the capacity to be a spiritual person, and to hold some fervent beliefs. Quite simply, I believed I had a responsibility to be a good person, and that meant fair, honest, hardworking, and honorable.”

In an interview with TIME, Armstrong said: “I don’t have anything against organized religion per se. We all need something in our lives. I personally just have not accepted that belief. But I’m one of the few.”

There's more here

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