Show Suggestion: Scientology

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Show Suggestion: Scientology

I was checking out the Operation Clambake website and thought Scientology would make an interesting show. I'm not sure if the guy that runs that site, Andreas Heldal-Lund, would go on or not and he lives in Norway, but he seems well spoken and knows his stuff about it. Getting a Scientologist on could be fun, and maybe an ex-Scientologist. It's kind of a fringe cult, but it's getting a ton of press with Tom Cruise these days, and most people don't know much about it.

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Show Suggestion: Scientology

Just for the sake it, I say as much as possible can be documented about this 'chruch' because 2000 years from now, the rational activists will need every source to help fight them and thier blessed hubbard...... That is, if rationality doesen't win by then.

I'll get back to you when I think of something worthwhile to say.

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Show Suggestion: Scientology

Gotta love a religion founded by a science fiction writer. Especially since he spoke at a science fiction convention about a year before he wrote that book and said "The fastest way to become a millionaire nowadays is to start your own religion." Wouldn't it be funny if he started it as a joke and either died or it became too big before he could reveal the joke? Laughing out loud

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Show Suggestion: Scientology

Personally, I LOVE this idea. If we can get a good guest that can speak on cults or an ex member this is a MUST do.

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Show Suggestion: Scientology

but it'll make tom cruise cry

do you really want to make little tommy cry