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Doomsday Talk Radio

Pastor Harry was on Weird US for his ideas on Santa and has a internet radio show about, guess what, doomsday. link

The site is crap and it all seems out there, but the guy behind it might be the right guest for the right kind of show. He doesn't seem to really address atheist or proof for a god, but what caught my eye was what he said about Santa. He feels the Santa lie is satanic and "A SERIOUS SIN THAT WILL KEEP YOU FROM HEAVEN UNLESS YOU REPENT AND PRACTICE THE TRUTH OF HIS GOSPEL." (straight from the site btw...) He wants to start a new tradition at Christmas as well... Burning an "ritual effigy doll" of Santa.

I do not recommend this guy for a serous show, but maybe if you wanted to do something with doomsday or maybe talk to him about the Santa thing.

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Indeed, the site is crap. It

Indeed, the site is crap. It looks like shit, smells like shit, and tastes like shit, it probally is shit.