Guest Suggestion: Jason Yeldell (Rational Atheist and Author of A Call to Sanity)

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Guest Suggestion: Jason Yeldell (Rational Atheist and Author of A Call to Sanity)


I recently read a book by a young new author by the name of Jason Yeldell. I also watched him give a lecture on Atheism and the taboo of the African American Atheist at Ramapo College NJ.

He currently tours the college circuit and does radio.

I think he would an excellent guest on one of your shows..

his website is

from his site:

Jason Scott Yeldell is a Biologist and Evolutionist by degree and a science teacher and writer by avocation.

Mr. Yeldell's childhood fascination with dinosaurs and nature proved to be the necessary beginning to him championing rational thought and logic over theology, pseudo science, a supernatural realm and superstition to this day.

"I believe it is a natural progression, for those wholly fascinated with nature and the world's creatures, that they develop into individuals who settle for nothing less than accurate depictions of reality and not viewing life through a "lens" of religion, superstition and groundless claims of an invisible deity." (Jason Yeldell, 2003)

When not working, Mr. Yeldell is heavily active on the continuing debate regarding Evolution and Creationism, as well as the Atheism/ Theism arenas.

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I love it. You get the

I love it. You get the award for best first post of the year. He's perfect!

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