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Here is a free download of our most recent intro song.

Here are the lyrics by Proclaim: http://www.myspace.com/proclaimcreations http://www.proclaimcreations.com

It's like they keep tellin lies, why they keep tellin lies Jesus never existed, and he's ripping off you guys Yo read the 'Jesus Puzzle', 'End of Faith', the incredible shrinking son of man. New Testament's a scam, like that phony ass Koran yet they tour around like bands, like that whack ass Benny Hinn Billy Graham, Pope Ben, they're some sick and twisted men why they lying to the people tryin to turn them all to sheep the bible simply cruel, all of Nietzsche's shit is deep. We're the rational response, we critique the evidence In 2006, religion has no relevance, just a sick and twisted dance trying to take the pain from death Osama's selling virgins, what the fuck do christians get An ascetic came to earth just to make you feel like shit Well you cant die for me, no you can't die for me. They'll probably burn me like a witch, go ahead and cry for me

why they keep tellin lies, when religion's a disguise
to take the pain from death, and to govern all the people
Im asking you the questions, in the inquisitions sequel
the most rational people, look beyond the good and evil

This goes out to Rook, Sapient, Scientific Mike
Nothing but free thoughts, transmitting through the night Evolution is the record, for the evidence we fight Richard Dawkins, Robert Price, trying to set the record right on the mic, flow precise, anti-gospel, anti-christ, anti-Anne Coulter twice, Fuck Right-Wingers Archetypes just a bunch of wicked lies, selling wars, selling spies Scooter Libby's a disguise, why'll they're checking out our lives. They can download this track, Patriot's invasion act we're just trying to fight back, rational, and that's a fact!!!!

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I can't believe I'm on an

I can't believe I'm on an anti-religious/anti-Christian website, and metal is absent from the discography. Sad

An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.

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Insidium Profundis wrote:I

Insidium Profundis wrote:
I can't believe I'm on an anti-religious/anti-Christian website, and metal is absent from the discography. Sad

Listen to the end of Show 31 free here: http://www.rationalresponders.com/rrs_free_shows There is a very heavy metal artist at the end.

Additionally in the next series of recordings October 21st, we'll have a group "Solarfuse" on the show. www.myspace.com/solarfuse

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I'm glad that you let us

I'm glad that you let us download the intro. I really like it a lot.