Evolution Rocks, by Overman (appearing on show)

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Evolution Rocks, by Overman (appearing on show)


Hello. We are Overman. Overman is a four piece band from the great suburbia that is Chicagoland. Overman is Russell Eggenburger, Nate Schmidt, Aaron Kelly, and Matt Radowski. Overman sounds like FUN. Overman calls its music OVERALL because it entertains many different styles and types of DIFFERENT MUSICAL CULTURES and integrates them into a POP format in order to (a) express themselves artistically (b) get girls and money. Overman is attractive young white males and will have little girls screaming loud at our concerts and staring longingly at the posters of our beautiful faces and hips on their bedroom walls/bathroom mirrors. Overman is very cool modern adults who will talk to a generation which lacks a MAJOR VOICE about dealing with life in a post college construction worker job indebt where/who/what am I/should I think world. Overman is wise on human small and worldly views and writes songs in such a fashion that they will BRIDGE GENERATION GAPS of fans that love the Beatles and hate Nirvana with fans that love Nirvana but hate the Beatles. Overman will have many old soulful figures at their concerts due to their ability to write/perform some of THE BEST BLUES SONGS OF ALL TIME. Overman will be very active in the skeptic community and will gain fame in the IVORY TOWER as teachers will press us on their students in hopes that they get BETTER GRADES. Overman has very good songs for massive radio airplay. It is possible that they would have SIX SONGS PLAYING ON SIX radio stations at the same time to reach all of the aforementioned population. Overman will be known as one of the best live shows available and will attract celebrities to our events/parties.

Overman would look great on MTV. [Insert picture of Overman HERE] Overman will date celebrity models/actresses/vocalists/pornstars/queens/lotterywinners to maintain their front page gossip appeal. See also reason (b) of second paragraph. Overman?s first album will be one of the biggest impact new records of all time using several hundred forms of media which we will invent. Overman?s second album will be quick in coming as to keep as much momentum from the hit smash that was their first record. It will surpass sales from their first record. Overman?s third album will go into history as one of the most important albums of all time. Our musical talent will reach its peak and record sales will continue for TWENTY YEARS. People will wonder if Overman is on drugs. [Overman will be on drugs] Overman?s third album will have an ACCOMPYING album entitled ?one shot of women, two shots of blues? in which Overman?s best blues songs will be catalogued along with songs that Overman writes for FEMALE voice parts TO BE SUNG BY THE HOTTEST FEMALE ARTISTS of the current day. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ People will no longer wonder if Overman is on drugs. Overman?s Fourth Album will be entitled CONTINUEISM and will be heralded by critics. It will be accompanied by the book of Continueism. Overman will commit suicide as a promotional stunt for this album. People will not understand Overman any longer except Die Hard Fans who may Kill themselves along with Overman. $$$$$$$$$MEDIAFRENZY$$$$$$$$$$$$ Overman will be studied, case studied, mimicked, and after many years Continueism will be understood. IT WILL BE HEARLED AS ON OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WORKS EVER CREATED BY ALL HUMANITY and will be taught in college courses. CON103. Overman will live forever BUY IN NOW TOCASHINONOURART/SELVES. Contact Overman at .

The song "Evolution Rocks" by Overman is now available to our registered members (free) in our downloads section.

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Evolution Rocks, by Overman (appearing on show)

Got that song a couple weeks ago. It was awesome.

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Evolution Rocks, by Overman (appearing on show)

I've had all of Overman's stuff on my iPod since they appeared on the show. Good tunes and hilarious and thought provoking lyrics.

The band's sense of humor is unmatched, simply read what sapient pasted. Do check them out if you like pop-rock with a punkish flavor and kick ass lyrics.

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