Door to door atheist

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Door to door atheist

This guy goes around knocking at doors to preach atheism:

Interesting video, but his accent gets on my nerves.

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He'd best keep the door to

He'd best keep the door to door stuff in Europe.  Eventually, he will meet a Christian who believes Christ owned a shotgun.  I think we all know where that would lead.

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Can we just stop with the

Can we just stop with the door to door stuff in general? I hate it when people come to my house pushing their ideas in my face, I sure as hell wouldn't advocate door to door atheism. 

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How do I put this. Well

How do I put this. Well yes it is funny.


But it also reminds of how annoying those door2door preachers, and if that kind of approach does not work on me, I doubt if it is any effective vice versa.


Plus, its a really annoying act, waking people up in the morning and stuffing ideas right into their faces.

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He meant to be annoying

If you watch the whole show, you'll see that Safran *meant* to be annoying. He wasn't trying to spread atheism so much as satirize Mormonism. Which is why he did this in Utah.

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that's one of the funniest

that's one of the funniest videos i've seen in a long time.

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This guy should be a guest

This guy should be a guest on RRS! I love all of his videos. He has a DVD that you can order but it won't play in most US DVD players.

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