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From a blog I placed on myspace: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=4611441&blogID=148965647&Mytoken=ADA8234A-78BE-43FC-803543C7EB0B4B35576811453
click on the link to see the Steven Colbert video, it's funny.

This is funny, but sadly it IS the reson why most xtian right wingers support Israel's war. I like to call it their apocalyptic wet dream. They dont' care that children are dying, even though they want a culture of life....they don't care....beceause GEEEEZUSSSS is comin only for the evangelical xtians of the USA...right on baby..right on...
I mean shit...even the vatican opposes this shit.

Seriously, how selfish can one possibly be? Let's analyze this ignorance...ok...let's say, just for shits and giggles that the evangelical idiots are right...and geeeezzzzuuusss..wont' cum until there is a war in the holy land...ok...so....
Aren't the evangelical morons..being selfish? They want salvation so savagely that they are willing to purposely support war and death, so that their sorry fat mcdonald eatin', nascar watchin', spoiled, igonrant, walm mart shoppin, sheepish ass selves can go to heaven? ???? ISN'T THIS COMPLETELY FUCKING ANTITHETICAL TO BEIN A MORAL XTIAN?

Not only are these morons....helping to perpetuate a war that they have no clue what it's about, but they are also...being selfish at the same time...DOUBLE FUCKING HELL BENT WHAMMY!!!!

MY head is hurting at the mere realization that this country IS indeed beyond salvation, metaphorically, figuratively, and if there is a heaven, transcendentally.

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I can't believe how many moderate Christians have said to me, "Well, the moderate Christians aren't all these things! It's just the fanatics you hate!" Bullshit. If you're a Christian, you are in the same barrel as the fanatics. If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem, and believe the same crap as these idiots is defiantly a problem. Christians are condoning this type of crap.
And they say that Christianity never hurt anything. More Bull! There's a WAR going on right now and Christianity never hurt anything?! Our PRESIDENT is impeding the rights of homosexuals and atheists and Christianity never hurt anything?! FUCK!!

Yeah, you're right; it's totally selfish and hypocritical of the Christians. All of them. Man, I really hate what Bush and the brainwashed masses have done to this country and to other countries for that matter. They're ruining everything. ALL of our forefather's would be rolling over in their graves if they knew this was going on. (Good thing they're dead, and can't know anything).

Wilson: "We were afraid that if you found out you solved a case with absolutely no medical evidence you'd think you were God." House: "God doesn't limp."