McDonald's and exploitation

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McDonald's and exploitation

Helen Steel and David Morris have been fighting against the establishment for a long time, apparently. When the McDonald's Corporation sued them for libel, they used it as a platform for pressing their rhetoric.

Among the victories that they managed to win, the court ruled that McDonald's does ?exploit children with their advertising strategy" and that they are ?culpably responsible for animal cruelty". The European court also ruled that ?if one eats enough McDonald?s food, one?s diet may well become high in fat, etc., with the very real risk of heart disease.?

Come on! Be real!

The McDonald's corporation sells food that has an appeal in particularly to children. By appealing to the children, they get the parents to buy their products. Supply and demand, ever heard of it?

Truly, being members of an offshoot Greenpeace group, these two boldly proclaim that killing animals for food is "animal cruelty". Therefore, by selling meat and meat products, McDonald's is supposedly being cruel to animals. I am sick to death of all these idiot vegans telling me that animals are not food! If all life is so sacred, and you cannot kill to live, then you cannot eat plants either! What are we supposed to eat? Dirt?

As to running into health issues from eating too much of McDonald's food, be serious! Eating too much of anything is going to give you health issues! Our systems require a decent variety in our diets!

"McDonald?s, in common with other multinational corporations, exists to make profits for the benefit of their shareholders and directors?to that end they continue to exploit workers, children and other consumers, the environment and animals." If they did not make profits, they would be out of business. Many times, people that have no skills work at McDonald's to support their small families. They need their jobs to put food on the table. So McDonald's and other fast food companies actually perform a great public service by employing the unemployable. Yet there are so many people out there who proclaim that making profits when running a business is morally "wrong". That is just the most absurd thing to say, but they say it nonetheless.

As to the matter of exploiting workers and consumers, that is practically a constant in social interactiveness. They are themselves attempting to exploit people, exploiting their ignorance and their willingness to believe what is being said. I look at them and see that they do not look as though they are naked and living in trees. If they are wearing clothes and living in a house, then they are also guilty of exploiting the environment for their own gain. They have exploited plants and animals, and also the workers who built their home and made their clothes.

I hate to condemn activists like this, but be reasonable. The assumption that David needs to kill Goliath because Goliath is inherently evil, it is arrogant in the extreme.

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McDonald's and exploitation

I'm a 5th level vegan, I don't eat anything that casts a shadow.

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McDonald's and exploitation

Let me know how that all air-diet works out for ya! Eye-wink