Miracles and the media

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Miracles and the media

I'm really sick of the media overusing the term "miracle" whenever something has a positive outcome. Latest was with those 2 kidnapped boys they found in Missouri. First of all, why did God wait more than 4 fucking years before deciding to get off his omniscient ass to do something in the case of 1 of them. Also, you never see them talking like this when something is totally bad. Imagine reading "All 400 passengers and crew killed in airline crash. God fucked up this time." Also, it's taking away from, say, the police who are the ones who actually rescued them.

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I think the word is starting

I think the word is starting to lose it's religious roots and is being substituted for the word luck or fluke quite often these days. Most of the time I hear someone say "it's a miracle!" it quite obviously isn't an actual biblical miracle. Even to them.

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Yup, no mirales happening