Shroud of Turin

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Shroud of Turin

The idea that the shroud of Turin is the burial shroud of Jesus and somehow has "miraculous" properties is a totally irrational precept. Every test they've taken points to it being a mideval hoax. And how would it have gotten from Israel to Northern Italy and then been forgotten about for more than a millenium? The only arguments they have are completely pseudoscientific, such as that carbon dating doesn't really work or that somehow a house fire nearby in the 17th century was able to change the nuclear structure of the molecules in the shroud! Laughing out loud

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Shroud of Turin

The thing about the sacred shroud of Turin is that, in order to prove that Jesus actually existed, you have to have something to proclaim as evidence. Since there is no body, because he physically rose and "ascended into heaven" and a body would suggest otherwise, you have to have the material that his body was wrapped in. Then, you have to add proof that the body in the material was actually his.

The shroud offers this proof, by way of an image depicting the medieval idea of what Jesus supposedly looked like. Until the understanding that medieval imagery is not suggestive of true history is disseminated among even the most ignorant peoples of the world, there will be many poor, benighted Christians who support any and all "proofs" of their lords existence.

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