Religion, IN SPACE!

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Religion, IN SPACE!

Why do we tolerate this?

Now, if astronauts request it, NASA can send up streaming video of religious services. There is also a Christmas tree on the International Space Station. "For some, religion is very comforting and we certainly want to respect that," Sipes told New Scientist.

That, and much more, including muslim's wondering where Mecca is at 28,000km/hr is waiting for you in that New Scientist article. Sigh. :roll:

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Religion, IN SPACE!

That's fucking hilarious. :smt043

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Religion, IN SPACE!

Religeon in space. *sigh*

Surely if god had wanted his follows to go into space he would have said so in whatever holy book he inspired/caused to have written/chiseled into rock.

You can't burn a bush in a vacuum!


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Religion, IN SPACE!

Well isn't Science fundamentally contradictory to Islam? I mean, muslims moan and bitch about western culture etc..etc... however they are taking up western technology to go in space...hmmm....I guess...allah didn't want muslims to go in space, they are now considered INFIDELS. What retarded half-ass bullshit.

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