No Child Left Behind

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No Child Left Behind

Rationality alert! Reader Donald Mongrain alerts us to just how insidious – and juvenile – the “Left Behind” campaign is:

One thing you forgot to mention in your commentary article on the "Left Behind" series, is the spinoff series "Left Behind: The Kid's collection" found here: Obviously it's never too early to prepare your children for what to do in case they aren't holy enough to get “taken” in the rapture! Oh, and don't forget the upcoming video game where you can fight the evil hordes of the Antichrist, or play as the other side and unleash the armies of Hell on the born-again Christians! Fun for the whole family!

You must read the naïve, gushing comments from those dedicated to this site, and as an antidote, I give you here one of the letters from a more rationally concerned parent who designates herself as “Momofthree”:

Found in our public school, January 7, 2006

I was familiar with the Left Behind series, mainly from seeing a few snippets of the badly-written, badly-acted movie. Then I learned there was a board game based on the books. A BOARD GAME! I didn't know there was a series for children based on the adult series until my son came home from school – PUBLIC SCHOOL! – with one of these books. I'm sure one of the fundamentalist Christian boys down the street must have suggested these to my son. I was floored that this fundamentalist propaganda was in my public school library. While I'm a Protestant and I am open to the study of all religions, to pound this in to impressionable kids' heads (did I mention my son is in ELEMENTARY school?) just amazes me. The people who love this stuff and highly recommend it for kids must be the same people who took their pre-schoolers to see hard-R-rated "The Passion of the Christ" to experience JUST how much Jesus loved them. Sad.... Let kids make up their own minds without scaring the bejezzes out of them.

No, mam’, I suggest that you don’t just let kids “make up their own minds” – without first preparing them properly. Parents should be equipping their offspring with the tools of critical thinking – merely accepting religion isn’t one of them! – and then sitting down with them to walk them through the process of evaluating the evidence.

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. - Seneca

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eee gadz! What will those

eee gadz! What will those crazy christians think of next!

Personally, I can't wait for Jebus to come and take his crazy dysfunctional people outta here... maybe then we can make this a great planet.

I'd bet a million bucks that thier "God" would kick them out of heaven for thier ill behavior sooner or later, tho.

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