I propose a few changes to the Irrational Precepts

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I propose a few changes to the Irrational Precepts

The list of Irrational Precepts is a nice idea, and I think that a little clarification would make it even better. Here are my suggestions:

(Disclaimer: I am not a native speaker of English. My suggestions should be reviewed critically.)

3. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell
-> 3. The claims of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell
(Reason: people can hardly be precepts.)

4. Religious terrorism/fundamentalism/born again Christianity
-> 4. Religious terrorism, fundamentalism and born-again Christianity
(Reason: style)

5. Agnostic is not a position between belief(theist) and non belief(atheist).
-> 5. The belief that agnosticism is a middle ground between theism and atheism
(Reason: clarity)

6. Belief in psychics/paranormal/supernatural claims
-> 6. Belief in psychics and paranormal or supernatural claims
(Reason: style)

11. Logicians use logic to limit peoples thought
-> 11. The belief that logicians use logic to limit people's thought
(Reason: clarity)

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 I'm bumping this so I

 I'm bumping this so I don't lose it, they're good.

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