Middle Eastern Secular Humanist takes Muslim to school

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Middle Eastern Secular Humanist takes Muslim to school

Check out the video:


Discuss in this thread, if you'd like.

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Middle Eastern Secular Humanist takes Muslim to school

what a truly amazing woman

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Middle Eastern Secular Humanist takes Muslim to school

The fucking balls on that woman, willing to express her opinion -very well- when doing so genuinely puts her life in jeopardy, an untold amount of respect for her, and she kicked ass.
You have to give her a shout out in your shows, its a bit less playable than Bill O'Rileys clip, but far more powerful, once we have subtitles. Smiling

I'll get back to you when I think of something worthwhile to say.

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Middle Eastern Secular Humanist takes Muslim to school

OK, well that was fucking amazing. Lets vote her in as the new Iraqi PM !
The dumb Fundie apologist could only say. "if your a heretic theres no point rebuking you" Presumably then, he will leave all secular people alone and not try to convert/bomb/indoctrinate/murder us/them!

I thought her support for the historical struggle of the jews was the boldest part of the interview.

Wonderful clip..

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I love it when a bold and

I love it when a bold and intelligent woman punches holes in their absurd beliefs.

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that was an amazing,

that was an amazing, eloquent, and extremely poignant delivery. i was amazed at the way they let her finish her thoughts. no american tv station, no matter how impartial, would allow anyone to state their full point like that, without interrupting or censoring.
i would however like to point out the total inaccuracy in her painting of the jews. the jews have just as much stake in terrorist strategies as the muslim extremists.

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I didn't catch her name.

I didn't catch her name.

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i believe it was 'Jo Mahma'

i believe it was 'Jo Mahma'

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Holy shit, this needs to be

Holy shit, this needs to be on CNN and MSNBC!

The bastards wont put it on because it shows an atheist being humain and defending Jews, Christians and non-violent Muslims.


It shows an Arab condemning violence.. It shows an atheist being humain and compassionate. More people definately need to see it.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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This is ridiculous

Now, while I am an atheist who regularly destroys christianity in debates, I am also a Jew. I say that not in a religious sense, but in that I am descended from secular Jews. That is the culture I grew up in. I only say this in order to smack down anti-semitism complaints. This video is ridiculous! Have the Jews really been so innocent? Have they really never killed Muslims? The ground on which Israel now stands was violently taken by Jews. Men, women, and children were killed by commando units in order to clear the land. The Jewish state came from Zionism, a philosophy that emerged in direct opposition to Marxism. The European intelligensia was formed mainly by Jews who, if they did not openly support Communism, were certainly sympathisers. Speak to any Israeli as I have done and you will find that they support the murder of Muslims. Another point that is horribly wrong is the statement that Muslims brought trouble upon themselves. How is this? The region's most militant groups were fostered by imperialist nations. The Taliban was used as a means to fight the USSR. Hezbollah, for all its religion, is still a proggressive force in Lebanon. So how is it that you can see this video and swell with pride? Sure, the man that she is debating is wrong, but at least he is blinded by faith, not Zionism. I do not see how anyone, including this site, can be secular and support Israel.

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my point exactly.

my point exactly.

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darth_josh wrote:I didn't

darth_josh wrote:
I didn't catch her name.

Her name is Wafa Sultan. She is an Arab-American Psychologist.

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Here's Galloway on the opposite side of the fence so to speak. I like both videos though.