Stupid story

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Stupid story

Most of us have seen that idiotic thing that's been going around the series of tubes asking how atheists will feel if eventually a tree grows over their grave and is cut down to make paper used in a Buybull. Here are 3 big problems with that:

1. Not all of us will be buried. Some will be cremated, put in a mauseleum. buried at sea or some other more exotic method of body disposal.

2. Paper companies normally don't harvest trees from cemetaries.

3. So what? We won't care, we'll be dead.

So basically, even if we cared, the only way this would happen would be if we somehow died in an area where they grow trees for harvesting for paper and our bodies not found.

Anyway, using this same logic, a Christian could grow a tree that eventually becomes a copy of the Quaran - or "The God Delusion" or "Atheist Universe!"

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The moral response?

   I could answer pretty honestly that of course 'then' I wouldn't care because I couldn't, but now I'd feel pretty good knowing that SOMEwhere trees will be growing on this planet in the future.



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Using this logic why would

Using this logic why would an atheist donate blood?  The popemobile could end up in a serious accident that afternoon and his holiness rushed off for a blood transfusion.

Obviously that makes absolutely no sense.  Are these 5th graders presenting this argument? 

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worse: Dane Cook

worse: Dane Cook

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I'm sure I won't care. I

I'm sure I won't care. I won't even be capable of caring. I won't even know I'm no longer capable of caring. I won't even care that I don't know that I'm no longer capable of caring ... shall I go on?

Seriously, that's the dumbest question. That just shows that they are totally clueless about what atheists think.

The only people that kind of stuff matters to are the people who are still alive when I'm dead. But, as for me, do whatever you want. Piss on my grave. Cover it with Bibles. Dig me up and chop me into bits for a BBQ or feed me to your dog. Do whatever tickles your fancy. I'm certain I'll never know and I'll never care. Have fun!

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