Check out this kid being abused by his mother and Pastor

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Check out this kid being abused by his mother and Pastor

Well guys, I need some help, big time. Any one with law experience or any kind of legal experience, I could really use your help.

Here is the deal:

As of just a little while ago one of my close friends has been removed from my High School, secluded, and is being blackmailed, and faces possible prosecution. Why? Because he dared to tell his Pastor that he thought he might not be a Christian.

Here is the background. His mother is very religious and one could say the church they attend is more of a cult than anything. In a service he was asked if he was a Christian based upon the “standards” outlined in the service. He said probably not. Immediately after, the Pastor told his mother to remove him from High School (he now does home school), remove all of his access to electronics (his computer, phones, tv, everything). His only contact is via his cell phone (heavily monitored by his mom) and the one hour a week he comes to school for cross country training.

Here is the problem. He was not quite, how can you say? Legal with his software. Yes, he was one of the many kids who used Bit Comet to get software and music for free. A fair amount as well. He has never been accused, told to stop, or investigated in anyway as it probably wasn’t very much compared to others. However, his Pastor took his computer and found all of the pirated stuff. He is now threatening him essentially with black mail. He has told my friend that he has the power to turn this over to the authorities and have him sent to juvy. He is really scaring my friend and there is really nothing I can do but ask for help from you guys.

Here are my questions:

1) Can the Pastor actually turn over the computer and have my friend arrested? Is that possible? The computer was taken without his permission (consent was given by the mom). Does this make it an unreasonable seizure? Can it be used as evidence?

2) What are the fines/punishments that are associated with this type of crime for minors?

3) What can he do about the black mail? I am pretty sure that is illegal, however his is afraid to report is because of what is on his computer. What can he do?

4) Where else should he turn to for help? Should he get a lawyer or what? I know him and his family (well, him and his mom, the dad is dead) very well and she is not one to go over what the Pastor says, she pretty much worships him.

If there is anything else you ca think of, please let me know. I am very scared for my friend and quite mad at the Pastor. Please help out however you can.

Thank you.


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If he didnt buy the

If he didnt buy the computer himself. or it atleast couldnt be prooven to be his. could he blame the software on his mother?

 In any case Had he lived in Norway he could not be convicted of anything until the age of 16. His mother would be acountable for all his pirate software.

Being as young as he is, how easy is it to be convicted? 

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I would call Social Services

I would call Social Services on the mother and Pastor.

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Dammit...I hate it when people do this.  Maybe the kid should just "convert" back to their little cult, then plan his escape.

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