9/11 poem in rememberance. By Brian37

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9/11 poem in rememberance. By Brian37

This poem I am quite sure reflects the wish that it never happened. Many eyewitnesses discribed it as surreal like a movie.

In this poem I discribe the the trapped victims on the planes and in the towers as "flies". In the sense that the sickos saw them as subhuman, and all those "eyes" were trapped and helpless as they got swatted.

This is a tribute to all who lost their lives that day and in honor of those who saved lives. May we always remember that this was not a movie and never forget what hate can do.


It Wasn’t Stephen King, By Brian37


The orgasm

Of the abacus

Pious martyrs

Seek to shred flesh


Metal tubes

Without feathers

Soon to become

Righteous incinerators


The flies inside

With all those eyes

In futile effort

To avoid demise


Franticly dial

To those outside

The abacus count

Impending rise


Cracking voices

Tell of slashing

Tombs in audio

Of final moments


The coffee and tea

Offered to me

Stirred with venom

Made it grey


The snake head

The gargoyles claim

Is justified

To decapitate


The dominionists

They insist

Must obey

And acquiesce


Two onyx plumes

Are their warning

Blaspheme their dad

Or sully their soil


The fangs and rattles

And coiled spine

Inflict its toxin

2 more times


I wish it were


A picture describing

John Mc Lane (note:Diehard)


I wish it were

That of Orwell

Of call letters(note: radio stations)

Spinning tall tales (note:War of the words  radio broadcast)


Four daggers were real

And did not retract(note:not a fake blade)

6 orbits elapsed

Since 8:46(note:First plane hit)


I did not wake

From a sleep

My retinas will burn

Until I fill my urn


No pyrotechnics

Nor rabid dog

Driverless motors

Or skitso resorts


The blooming white buds

Scatter the floor

The picture show “Crimson”

Staring Zealot’s Whore


I desperately want

It to be King

Or double O seven

Escaping a scene


Then I could

Return the movie

Forget the horrors

Of that day

















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Good poem.   Happy 9/11

Good poem.


Happy 9/11 day! 

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It nearly brought tears to

It nearly brought tears to my eyes.

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Extremely moving,

Extremely moving, Brian37.  The last two stanzas really got to me.