Tone down the embeds?

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Tone down the embeds?

Guys, if it's working out for you forget what I'm saying, but I've got to protest the overabundance of embedded Stickcam players. Tabbed browsing is cool, and so is Stickcam, but the combination just had me hunting through my browser windows looking for where that mystery voice was coming from. Turns out it was a MySpace bulletin. Like I said, if it's getting the word out better, do what you do, but I had to bring it up.

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I think you can turn off a

I think you can turn off a lot of that in your account (under the edit tab).

There are checkboxes for a lot of the things that display/play on your webpage.


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I agree with him. I tend to

I agree with him. I tend to be listening to other things when I'm online.

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Yup just uncheck the

Yup just uncheck the Stickam block in your "my account" and "edit" tab.   Just make sure to check the room from time to time for events.  Eye-wink   Sorry for any hassle.


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