"The Missionary Position" - Jehovah's Witnesses vs Mormon Missionaries

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"The Missionary Position" - Jehovah's Witnesses vs Mormon Missionaries


Hi my name is KC, my friend Matt and I made this little five minute short film and we thought you guys might like it.

Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormon Missionaries cross paths while spreading the word of God:




If you have time please leave us a comment on YouTube and share this film with your friends.



On a seperate note I thought you might enjoy a picture I took at EroticaLA in 2005. There was a loud protester outside so I asked a couple models to pose with him:

EroticaLA Protester


Anyways, enjoy the short film and please leave us a comment.




- KC -

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Not bad.  I've personally

Not bad. 

I've personally been waiting for a showdown between the jesus freaks and the hare krishnas who run the same block in my town. 

There are no theists on operating tables.


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Although I've never heard

Although I've never heard of an actual altercation between the doorknockers, there's no doubt this kind of thing crosses their minds from time to time.

Glad to have you aboard, ExFilms. Hope you're not a one-time poster and we hope you share more with us.


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Whohah! Theist bashing -


Theist bashing - the new bumfight trend..?

"-I'll convert to your religion if you totally trash the mormon/vitness/whatever that comes down the street over there, also wanting to convert me..."

I'd really like to see what a few pissed off shaolin could do if there ever came to be a theist showdown...

If any christian is sure that rapture is imminient, I'll be happy to receive their worldly goods, thus ensuring that said theist don't have trouble with the camel, rich man and eye of a needle problem.

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Welcome to the hizzle!

Welcome to the hizzle!

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thanks for the warm

thanks for the warm welcome!

i've been lurking a bit, lots of great reading here. i'm always looking for more weapons to battle theists with. Smiling

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LOL I loved it...kind of

LOL I loved it...kind of reminded me of that one scene from Anchor Man.  Too bad you didn't have someone throw a trident.

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Nicely done. The comic fight

Nicely done. The comic fight scene was especially entertaining.