Einstein on Religion

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Einstein on Religion

I was refuting charges that Einstein was a Christian, and someone messaged me with articles allegedly written by Einstein that suggest otherwise, which they merely copy and pasted from




(It took me less than 30 seconds to find the exact sites they copied from.)

Of course, it's obvious right away that these all come from clearly religious websites, but to be fair, I originally borrowed from a site of Einstein's atheist quotes as well when I responded to their original reposting of the famous urban myth story of young Einstein defeating his atheist professor in class with a poor argument in favor of god.

I haven't gotten to read these yet, but I'm willing to bet that if they are legitimate Einstein writings, they almost certainly refer to the metaphorical Einsteinian god that Dawkins so beautifully writes about. But if anyone knows more about these particular texts and can help me to formulate a good respons, let me know.




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