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Former Satanist Convicted of Human Sacrifice

Defendant Represented Himself During Trial

POSTED: 3:45 pm EDT August 16, 2007UPDATED: 11:46 pm EDT August 16, 2007;" target="_self">;" target="_self">The Miami man accused of killing another man in what prosecutors call a satanic human sacrifice has been found guilty of second degree murder.The jury of six women and two men took just more than two hours to return the verdict.During the two days of testimony, prosecutors used a mannequin and knitting needles to demonstrate for jurors how Lazaro Galindo killed and dismembered a romantic rival, Argelio Gonzalez, in July 2000. Gonzalez was stabbed and hacked 28 times, his leg and fingers cut off, and his remains were stuffed in a garbage and abandoned in a field, prosecutors said.


When detectives tracked down Galindo, they say he confessed to the crime in detail, blaming a spirit inside him named Candelo for directing his actions.In Galindo's home, detectives found satanic drawings and plastic skulls they believe were evidence of his devil worship, Local 10's Glenna Milberg reported.Galindo represented himself with the assistance of a public defender. He did not take the stand in his own defense, but used opening statements and closing arguments to tell his side of the story to the jury."At no time did I ever say anything about that I killed for Candelo or I kill for Satan. I didn't do anything like this," said Galindo.Galindo explained his beliefs and studies in the occult, but told the jury that had nothing to do with Gonzalez's death. He also told the jury he was coerced by police into giving a confession.Among the key physical evidence against Galindo was a pair of bloody gloves containing the victim's brain matter found in Galindo's bathroom sink, investigators said."He raised the spectre of Satanism by saying that he practiced Satanism and his human sacrifice was to gain power over demonic entities," said prosecutor Herbert E. Walker III at closing arguments.During the trial, jurors were visibly sickened by the photos and details, Milberg reported. One of the women told Milberg after a few questions clarifying some testimony, reaching a unanimous verdict was not difficult.



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