Am I hearing this correctly?

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Am I hearing this correctly?

I have recently come upon a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Al Sharpton.  What was really interesting about the debate was Al Sharpton's main counter arguement to Hitchen's criticsms in which Sharpton maintained that Hitchens was debating "Bibles, Korans, and peoples' interpretations of God" rather than God.  To me this sounds like he is conceding the Bible is not God's word but the word of man.  Here is a clip of that debate where he makes states (for about the fourth time I beleive) his counter arguement.

If I am hearing him correctly, this illustrates the lengths Christians will go to to defend God i.e. claiming that debating the Bible, which they maintian in God's word, is not debating God. 

His arguement begins at about the 40 second mark. 

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