too hilarious not to share

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too hilarious not to share

a comment posted on my "godless america" video on youtube:

7Gods7Shinobi7 (2 hours ago) Marked as spam Keep dreaming, will never happen, you'll have to kill all of us and the jews, which would make you a nazi, since Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism, not to mention, for about 25 year now, theres been Christian Training in verious types of offencive martial arts, so many of us are ready for the last days when you try and come after us and kill us, just to let you know, nothing can beat a master in jujitsu save a gun at point blank 


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Quote: offencive Defensive


Defensive is a word not found in the languadge.

 Hey guys I'm back, didja miss me?

AImboden wrote:
I'm not going to PM my agreement just because one tucan has pms.

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Ok I know there is

Ok I know there is something called the evil atheist conspiracy, but last time I checked it was a joke. If it isn't no has contacted me about it... BTW no one should think they are fast enough to dodge a bullet or nothing can beat X. Also its a bad idea to get a gun at point blank range with someone who really know what they are doing.

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Christian Ninjas???????

Christian Ninjas??????? Surprised

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I do adore guns.  I must

I do adore guns.  I must say that I would never get close to a person at whom I am firing.  Distance is the entire point of the firearm.  Anyone who is well trained prefers 30 feet or better.  The only event that I practice with short distance shooting is a carjacking.  One still keeps the pistol close to oneself and away from the assailant.  I probably admitted too much here.  *whistles and walks away*

"Tis better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven." -Lucifer

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Well, as long as that

Well, as long as that person just sits and waits for the offensive.  Yup, that person can continue to sit and wait and wait and wait because (hopefully) the violence will never happen.


Yes, Ophios, we missed you!  Welcome back!!!!!

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