Capital Punishment (Off topic conversation moved here)

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Capital Punishment (Off topic conversation moved here)

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About Life Sentence and Death Penalty

1st I dont advocate the death penalty except in extreme cases of vile acts where there is no question of guilt or innocence.


But If I wnat someone to get the death penalty it is not to make them suffer it is because I feel the world would be a better place without them at all then with them locked in jail...if you are locked in jail there is always a chance one day you will be free, if you are killed...I am pretty sure it is permenant.

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You're presupposing, along with Sam Harris, that capital punishment is ever an option.  Think about it.  Death does not lead to suffering.  Death leads to the elimination of all suffering.  Ergo, an atheist in favor or causing the most suffering, as would be proportional to the crime, should advocate life imprisonment over the death penalty.